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The Regina Cultural Exchange and Val Halla Music present:


“Friends with Benefits”: The Sasky Showcase – Regina


Thursday August 13th, Friday August 14th, and Saturday August 15th


Sponsored by Blue Door Recordings, B-rad Studios, SaskMusic, Prairie Dog Magazine, 104.9 The Wolf,, and more to come!  MC’s for the evening will be Regina’s own “The League of One” who are the reigning Queen City Rocks champs!


To bands/artists wishing to participate in a local music showcase where you will play in front of your fellow musician’s fan bases, bring your own fan base for others to perform to as well, be PAID for your participation, RAISE MONEY FOR CHARITY to assist in fire relief and rebuild for our Northern Saskatchewan communities affected by forest fires, have a chance at amazing prizes through our entry draw (no bands competing or being judged on their music or ‘marketability”), and enjoy a great evening of networking and community building within our own music scene!




Each band will be given tickets to sell to the event at $10 a piece for the advance price, $15 at the door.  Each band will receive 50 PERCENT of their own ticket sales – the more you sell – the more you get paid! Imagine that! :-)


The rest of proceeds will be donated to aid in fire relief and rebuild in Northern Saskatchewan, and as we are waiting to see where the need will be a month from now, or what funds/organizations might be involved – we will wait until the time of the show in mid August to decide where the proceeds will be donated to be most effective and get directly to those who need it most.  Hopefully people will be able to return to their homes by that time and the focus will be on rebuilding communities, homes, and lives affected by these forest fires.


EACH BAND WILL RECEIVE ONE ENTRY INTO THE GRAND PRIZE DRAW SIMPLY FOR PARTICIPATING.  EACH BAND WILL THEN RECEIVE AN ADDITIONAL ENTRY INTO THE GRAND PRIZE DRAW FOR EVERY 10 TICKETS THEY SELL!  The more people you bring out, the more you can increase your chances of your name being pulled in the final draw!  All bands whether performing thursday, friday, or saturday will be entered in to the Grand Prize Draw, and the winner will be announced on the final evening of performances.  The winning band/artist will be notified by email or phone, and does not need to be in attendance on the final evening in order to win.

Currently some of the prizes up for grabs in the draw are 3 Days Studio time at Blue Door Recordings, 15 hours (or 3 songs) of mixing by Brad Prosko at B-rad Studios, Sask Music band memberships, A free night’s venue Rental at the Regina Cultural Exchange, and much much more!




If you or your band would like to be involved, raise some money that will STAY in Saskatchewan, network with and support our local music scene, and get PAID for your hard work and performance as a musician who has invested time and effort into honing your craft, this is the showcase for you!


Submissions will be accepted through email ONLY and artists/bands will be selected on a first come/first serve basis.  This is not about promoting only certain artists or bands in a certain scene or social group.  This is about highlighting emerging talent, veteran talent, heavy music, singer songwriters, and every genre inbetween.  We are all working to make the music scene a strong and thriving community in Saskatchewan regardless of genre, so let’s work together!




and include:


  • The name of your act/band


  • A band description or bio in 50 words or less (What would you want the local music community to know or what would you like to be said about you on stage right before you play?)


  • A link to a facebook page, website, or any other social media/online presence you may have


  • If you have a link to your music please include!  If you are a new or up and coming act still trying to get some music recorded, that is ok to, just please make a note of this!  If it is possible to get a short video on a cell phone even, record a couple minutes of you rocking out or jamming and send us that even!  Submission are not judged on production quality or genre –  we just want to see what you’re up to! :-)


  • Who your ONE contact person for your band will be, their email and phone number. Please designate this ONE contact person, and then put them in charge of all communications with us for your band/act.  This will ensure that we all have the most clear and direct communications!


  • How many members are in your band, or how many side musicians will you have that evening, or are you a solo artist?


and lastly, any special info or extra notes, or questions or concerns.  Feel free to communicate! We’re here to listen!


*Please note, many of you are aware of another proposed showcase that another company was trying to set up in Regina for this summer where acts were being asked to sell a minimum amount of tickets, and were being asked to hand ALL money back over to the company and “pay to play” in that way.  While it is up to each local act to decide if they would want to participate in an event like that, we feel that offering an alternative where bands DO get paid while also helping to give back to our communities, coming together with other musicians not in the name of competition but in the name of performance and support, and still having a chance at amazing prizes from local sponsors who also want to give back – is a much better use of a band’s time, money, and effort!


We would ask any band participating in our showcase to refrain from participating in another company’s showcase in the month of August as we would hope your promotion efforts would be directed at one event only for the success of the event you would like to be a part of.


While we do not ask a ticket “requirement” or a certain minimum of tickets that need to be sold, we would like to appeal to acts who are participating in our showcase to just do your honest best to bring out as many fans as possible so that all the acts who are performing stand to benefit from each other.  All bands stand to gain if everyone does their best.  What we don’t want, is a band who signs up and only sells 5 tickets, comes to play to 6 other band’s fanbases and take advantage of that opportunity, while neglecting to promote the event themselves.  Please no Egos, Attitudes, or Lazy rockstars! lol.  Check those at the door, and let’s get pumped up and excited to pull off an incredible show and event where EVERYBODY WINS!  :-)

EMAIL  for any questions, concerns, media, raffle prize donations, band prize packages donations, and of course bands/acts/artists/musician’s who want to take part!


Anyone looking to be involved, volunteer, or help out, please drop us a note as well!


  1. Magnetic says:

    Very proud to know that you are more interested in local bands being used to benefit others than be used to make money for some company that just uses ! We don’t need local exposure , we would love to be a part of this to help ! Thanks for organizing this event !

  2. Ava Wild says:

    From the skies of Saskatchewan Ava Wild began to collect inspiration and translate her world through music. With the same determination to teach herself guitar at the age of 12, Ava continues to grow in her musical abilities.!/artists/Ava-Wild

  3. Azariah says:

    Please go to Azariah Paris & The Az-Tech Facebook . Would love to be a part of this ! Thanks !

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